About Us

Our Ethos

Beg, Steal & Borrow is more than just a shop – it's a rebellion against the status quo of fast fashion that's been wreaking havoc on both the planet and our wallets.

Picture this: It's July 2021, and we're in Manchester, watching as fast fashion giants churn out clothes at lightning speed, leaving behind a trail of environmental destruction and exploiting workers in the process.

Meanwhile, vintage shops, once a cherished haven for seekers of unique fashion finds, are becoming increasingly scarce, and the charm they offer feels more distant as their prices climb higher. The allure of pre-loved clothing, with its stories and character, seems just out of reach for many.

To make this worse, charity shops, traditionally seen as a safe space for affordability and sustainability, are now collaborating with fast fashion brands. This partnership sees them peddling excess stock, blurring the lines between supporting sustainable practices and being a part of the convenience of mass-produced garments. 

That's where we come in ! 

Beg, Steal & Borrow is our answer to this unsustainable cycle. We're here to offer a fun and accessible alternative to the fast fashion frenzy. Our trade-in system isn't just about swapping clothes – it's about saying no to the throwaway culture that's become all too familiar, and sharing clothes within a community of fashion lovers. 

When you trade in your clothes with us, you're not just giving them a second chance – you're taking a stand against the harmful practices of fast fashion, and promising to shop your future clothes second hand. You're saying yes to sustainability and yes to supporting a community that values quality over quantity.

So, join us in our mission to change the game. Let's show the world that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable, one swap at a time !


How Our Clothing Exchange Works:

Bring in any clean, good quality clothes you don't want anymore.

We'll sort thru them and pick out things were looking for and give you store credit for a percentage of their value !

Sometimes we offer cash instead of store credit, depending on factors like:

Quality, uniqueness, value of the items, our current cash availability and how likely the items are to sell. 

We can not and do not guarantee swap for cash value. If you have higher-value or special items, be sure to let us know!

What We're Looking For:

We're on the lookout for standout pieces with something special about them. While we appreciate brands, what matters most to us is good quality and style. We typically don't accept items from brands like Primark and Shein. Also, we avoid clothes with stains or damages, unless we can fix them.

We're pretty selective, so if you're unsure about what we'll take, feel free to send us pictures through our Instagram (@begstealborrowmcr) and we'll give you feedback.